Video: Refugees Flee Myanmar, Seek Peace

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Thai refugee camp

Credit: European Commission DG ECHO on Flickr, under Creative Commons

(WOMENSENEWS)– This video showcases the work of a women’s advocacy group helping to educate and train women and curb domestic and sexual violence in the stressful conditions of refugee life in Thailand.

, which produced the video, is a key supporter of the , a bill stuck in congressional committee. At the end of the video filmmakers urge viewers to lobby for passage of the bill, which is designed to give the United States a tool for fostering women’s rights overseas. The U.S. Senate reintroduced the bill in May in the wake of the in Nigeria.

“One in three women worldwide is abused, beaten or raped during their lifetime, and we cannot stand idly by as mere witnesses to this widespread violence,” said Ruth Messinger, president of American Jewish World Service, in an email interview.

“While the Obama administration has made great strides in protecting women and girls worldwide from violence, we need this crucial piece of legislation to continue this progress and push our government to do even more,” she said.

In June, the government of Myanmar the . The government was criticized in September last year after it became one of 50 United Nations members that refused to sign the declaration, the introduction of which has been led by the United Kingdom. By signing the declaration, member states pledged to end the use of rape and sexual violence as a weapon of war.

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