2 thoughts on “New York City Pushes Back against Infant Formula

  1. The article titled “New York City Pushes Back against Infant Formula” serves to reinforce the pressure and guilt that many mothers feel in NYC from the breastfeeding-only trend that is on the rise. In your article a NY was describing the ideals she set out with and the reality following her delivery, unexpected c-section, exhaustion, etc. She states that she didn’t feel that she could nurse, and yet rather than supporting her choice unconditionally to follow her instincts as she says and nourish her baby, the article condemns her choices as “formula was available, so she turned to it”.

    While breastfeeding may be ideal, there is no “ivory tower” experience to child birth, every women experiences child birth and the subsequent week of infancy differently. In this time, even the best-intentioned new mother may have a change of heart, or have to face a change in her feeding plan. In this situation, Ms. ____ did just that—adjusted her plan based as was best for her and her baby at the time—and nourished her baby properly. Just as important as educating oneself prior to childbirth and having a feeding plan is this notion: It is okay to change the plan if needed.

    We should be supporting all mothers at crucial times, like infancy, helping to ensure that they are given ample amounts of education and training materials, and respecting the decisions that they make on how to feed their baby as best for their family.

    We need to find balance in the discussion. Feeding one’s baby should not be all-or-nothing endeavor. Current movements like Latch On and Baby-Friendly are not always mother or family friendly.

    While I agree with your premise that breastfeeding support is society’s job not just that of a lactation consultant, let’s try not to forget the rest of our mothers—the over 60%–who formula feed, combination feed, or supplement, and also need support.

    Dawn Schuk, MHA
    New York City
    Maternal Health Professional and Activist

  2. Why is the first supplement we turn too artificial baby milk? Hospitals should offer banked human milk as a supplement. That way only species specific food will ever be in the baby’s gastrointestinal tract cutting way down on the possibility of abnormal gut development.