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Here is the deal.

Working Assets, a telephone service provider, distributes its profits each year to 50 non-profit organizations and Women’s eNews and its Arabic site is on this year’s list of recipients. How exciting is that? If you are a Working Assets or Shop for Change member, just by clicking, YOU CAN INCREASE HOW MUCH WE RECEIVE.

Please go to the Working Assets Web site and vote for us. The more votes we get, the more funding we get. It’s that simple!

PLUS a donor has agreed to match dollar for dollar the amount of our Working Assets gift–DOUBLING THE POWER OF YOUR VOTE! Please take a moment and help Women’s eNews with a few clicks of your mouse!

Working Assets will distribute over $4 million in funds and Women’s eNews could receive between $40,000 and $100,000 to support our work, depending on how many votes we get. YOUR VOTE COUNTS in real dollars and cents.

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If you are Working Assets customer, you can vote using the ballot enclosed in your monthly bill.

P.S. Our share of the Working Assets profits depends on how many Working Assets customers vote for us! If you’re not a Working Assets member, please consider joining this remarkable organization. You just sign up for their long distance or wireless phone service, a credit card or their–a great way to shop for the holidays. They donate a portion of your monthly charges to the cause you help select–at no extra cost to you. And your vote will be weighted by how many Working Assets products you use.

Founded on the belief that building a business and a better world are not mutually exclusive, Working Assets has been helping busy people make a difference since 1985. It’s a belief that’s generated $40 million in donations to nonprofits working for peace, equality, human rights, education and a cleaner environment. And the process is simple.

To join today, go to or calling (800)788-8588. And don’t forget to VOTE for Women’s eNews after you’ve signed up!

Many, many thanks for taking the time to do this for us!


Rita Henley Jensen
Editor in Chief