Aug. 9 Update: Woman Denied Abortion Miscarries

(WOMENSENEWS)–A 23-year-old Pennsylvania woman who was briefly denied an abortion after her ex-boyfriend sued to force her to carry the pregnancy to term has suffered a miscarriage.

Tanya Meyers, who was 10 weeks pregnant, was hospitalized Monday because she was bleeding, her mother, Tracey Curry, told The Associated Press. An ultrasound revealed the miscarriage, shesaid.

“Tanya said she would make the right decision when the time came,” Curry said. “But God made the decision.”

That same day, a judge gave Meyers the go-ahead to get the abortion. The father, John Stachokus, had successfully convinced another judge the week before to issue a temporary injunction preventing her from having the procedure.

“No person–not an abusive ex-boyfriend and not a state court trial judge–has the right to veto an adult woman’s decision to terminate her first-trimester pregnancy,” said Linda Rosenthal, an attorney at the Center for Reproductive Law and Policy who represented Meyers.

The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled in multiple cases that a woman can terminate her pregnancy until about 24 weeks. Meyers was nine weeks pregnant when Stachokus brought the case.