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Giving Girls a Platform to Be Heard

Teen VoicesTeen girls have a lot to say. WriteBoston's all-girls program acts as a platform for girls to voice their views on the social justice and women's issues that matter to them.

Launched in fall 2013, Teen Voices Rising mentors girls, teaching them writing and debate skills as they confront today's big problems for women and girls: from catcalls and body image to the choice to the wear hijab and the under- and misrepresentation of women of color in the media. At Teen Voices Rising, girls have the power: they choose the topics, and we help them compose new ways to address the issues that affect them in their neighborhoods and communities.

Teen Voices Rising meets Mondays from 3:30 – 5:30 pm at The Boston Globe. Free food and community service hours are provided.

Teen Voices Rising is proud to continue—and build on—the legacy of Teen Voices, the 25-year-old magazine and youth program for Boston girls. The program is a partnership between WriteBoston and Women's eNews, an award-winning nonprofit news service that covers issues of particular concern to women and provides women's perspectives on public policy.


Teen Voices Rising

Dear You (Dear Me)

Teen Voices Rising

Letter To Our Sisters: Beware of False Messages

Teen Voices Rising

Shattering Stereotypes through Sports

Teen Voices Rising

My Body Is Not a Trend

Teen Voices Rising

I Am Not Industrious Enough

Teen Voices Rising

Say Cheesy: You Get The Picture

Teen Voices Rising

A Punk Rock Remedy

Teen Voices Rising

POP! BAM! WOW! Another Female Comic Book Hero Dies

Teen Voices Rising

Under Their Skin: Teens Battle Beauty Barriers

Teen Voices Rising

Dear Diary: I'm Not Worthy

Teen Voices Rising

Stars Stuck: Why Role Models Go Bad

Teen Voices Rising

Hidden Truths: Why Some Women Wear Hijab, Others Don't


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