Submission Guidelines

Teen Voices is the global girl news website of Women's eNews, a nonprofit news service that focuses attention on women and girls around the world through investigative reporting. We publishes reported pieces and first-person narratives produced by females, 13-19 years old. Articles are typically 600-800 words long and writers will be required to work with our editor before the articles are published.

We want to hear:

Topics we cover:


Don't forget: Our audience is made up of teen girls and adults who care about girls. All pieces must have young people representing themselves. Review to get a good sense of our work.


Now what?

If you want to write or report for Teen Voices please send a short paragraph explaining your idea and why you are the best person to write it (please share any 1st person experience you have with the topic). Also, include the type of piece: reported, first-person essay, photo essay, video piece.


Adults/Nonprofit Directors

Women's eNews & Teen Voices also publishes opinion pieces from stakeholders in women and girl equality focused nonprofits. We invite nonprofit leadership and thought leaders to frame their thoughts on girls' issues raised by upcoming events and programmatic direction as an op-ed for Women's eNews, an international nonprofit news organization that reaches over 1 million people, worldwide each year.  For more information, please email