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GlobalGirl Media is an award-winning organization that develops the voice and self-expression of teenage girls in underserved communities by training them to become digital media citizen journalists, turning up the volume of girls' voices around the world so girls can advocate for their perspectives and solutions to change. Follow GlobalGirl Media online at www.facebook.com/globalgirlmedia; on Twitter: @globalgirlmedia or through Instagram: global_girl_media.

GlobalGirl Media

Beyonce's Feminism is Elitist

GlobalGirl Media

Chicago Teens Press Mayoral Candidates on Gender Equity

GlobalGirl Media

Moving Forward, With or Without One Shoe

GlobalGirl Media

Street Smarts Got Me Into College

GlobalGirl Media

Tipped Women Fare Poorly in Mich. Wage Hike


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Critics Spot Dangers in a Campus Safety Bill

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Women Play Visible Roles in Rebuilding Nepal