Overturn of Canada’s Niqab Ban Reignites Controversy

In multiculturalist Canada, which faces federal elections next month, Muslim women and the ban on wearing a face veil during citizenship ceremonies are in the vortex of political controversy. The courts declared the niqab ban unlawful; those for the ban are fighting on.

Amani al-Khatahtbeh at a rally against the visit of Israel's prime minister in early March 2015

MuslimGirl Founder Says Islam Is Feminist

Amani al-Khatahtbeh, a veiled, Muslim, feminist, started her own online publication when she was in high school in New Jersey. “The most important thing for the movement,” she says, “is to take a step back and empower women to speak for themselves.”


Nepali Villagers Protest a Temple’s Locked Doors

While spending time with her in-laws in a remote village in Nepal, Elizabeth Enslin saw local women press their rights. In this excerpt from “While the Gods Were Sleeping,” some decided to plant trees instead of throwing rocks and breaking windows.