A Women's Total Self Defense course.

Women Need a Department of Self-Defense

At least one lawmaker has suggested that young women carry firearms on campus to avert rape, which only makes them more likely to get shot. Instead, I have a better idea: what if we required all high-schoolers to take a self-defense class as part of their physical education?


Stakes Are Huge in High Court ACA Hearing Today

Here’s hoping oral arguments in the Supreme Court today wind up persuading justices to preserve ACA tax credits for millions of Americans. If not, women will lose huge new legal protections and face a return to the discriminatory era of “gender rating.”


More Female Officers Defuse Violent Policing Style

Women on a police force are less likely than male coworkers to use excessive and deadly force, studies show, relying more on interpersonal skills. If policymakers knew the data, says one advocate, they’d “go on a hiring spree and hire more women.”

Baby in diaper

Change Those Diaper Rules; Once a Day Not Enough

(WOMENSENEWS)–Babies need diapers — and so do their parents. Even in developed countries such as the United States, though, this basic need goes unmet. When this happens, babies become unhealthy and their parents also find it harder to break loose from the chains of poverty. Does that link shock you? California Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez does not think so.

Children studying at a school in northeastern Nigeria that has received notes threatening an attack.

Nigeria’s Lost Girls Part of Long-Term Conflict

Nigeria’s gender-based abductions began in early 2013, a report finds, after the government imprisoned wives of Boko Haram members. Since then, the rate and scale of abductions has increased, with Christian women and girls the main target.