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Morgan Joins Anti-Funny Homophobic Routine

Friday, June 17, 2011

"30 Rock" star Tracy Morgan spent the week trying to make amends for his homophobic rant. He may even go back to Nashville to apologize. It's a well-worn celebrity perp walk; the problem is, the social discourse isn't getting any deeper.

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Question Raised

What drives such outbursts?

An important question to pose in general. But it's an especially important one when high-profile celebrities such as Morgan, Gibson and Bryant lash out. They have cultural influence and they could be using it to level out the playing field for the LGBT community. Instead, they're using their platform to further oppression.

On a brighter note, The New York State Assembly passed a bill for legalizing same-sex marriage on June 15, reported the New York Post on June 16. The bill now moves onto the New York State Senate and if passed will make New York the sixth state to legalize same-sex marriage. The bill has been passed three times before and was revived after a small number of Democrats and Republicans who were once opponents of the bill expressed interest in passing it.

Hope is rising that the marriage act will be passed and help eliminate one of the most significant anti-gay and lesbian barriers in our modern day society. Our political system and culture as a whole needs to get on board with sexual equality in order to teach individuals like Morgan to eliminate their hate-talk. Large audiences are listening and reacting.

The problem of anti-gay and lesbian violence is encouraged through situations like Morgan's, but it originates in a society that sets a precedent.

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Krystie Lee Yandoli is a Women's eNews editorial intern.

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