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Tuesday, April 18, 2000

No Blurb

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Those techie guys at 3Com, maker of a popular hand-heldelectronic address book, must have stayed too longin front of their blinking screens.For their cutting-edge Palm Pilot, the company deviseda dull-blade advertising campaign that features a nudewoman posed demurely, yet suggestively, with the latestmust-have gizmo strategically positioned. The copy reads"Simply Palm" and the company boasts it is the "developer ofthe world's leading handheld platform." Yet, it isa woman's body that is once again used as a platformto promote a commercial product. Email to 3Com: Womenmake the vast majority of purchasing decisions and showing thata naked woman and a Palm Pilot go hand-in-hand may not be thebest way to appeal to female consumers.

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