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Money Storms Blow Warren, Sanders Onto Daily Show

Friday, April 29, 2011

Federal budget uproars spread into the states this week alongside the slew of actual tornadoes. Elizabeth Warren, champion of a consumer watchdog agency for Wall Street, and Sen. Bernie Sanders, took up stands on "The Daily Show."

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Dukes Back at Work

In the middle of the nation's increasingly heated fight over taxes, spending and budgets, Betty Dukes went back to her job as a Wal-Mart greeter in Pittsburg, Calif., The Philadelphia Enquirer reported April 26. The High Court is deciding to allow Dukes' sex-discrimination case--the largest of its kind in U.S. history--to go forward as a class action covering as many as 1.6 million workers.

Dukes said she was happy to be back at work, had always enjoyed her job and was looking forward to a resolution of the lawsuit.

On April 28, the Supreme Court put a chill on class-action expectations when it said a customer could not file such a suit against AT&T Mobile after signing a contract with the company saying she could not do so. A law professor called the ruling "one of the most important and favorable cases for businesses in a very long time," The New York Times reported April 28.


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Bernie Sanders is not a Democrat, he caucuses with the Democrats. He's an independent, actually a Socialist. Though this week end, he's the keynote speaker at the California Democratic Party Convention. I think that's a good sign for California Democrats, as he is the best representative of traditional democratic principals in the Senate. That attitude probably why California was one of the only states to pick up Democratic seats inhte ast election. It makes a differences, as well that the majority of the Democrats in Congress from California are women. It's still on of the largest blocks in the Congress.