Global Connect! Gender Justice Writing Project

Part: 5

Bronx Playwright Creates to Engage Her Community

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

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"I am now committed to holistic health," says Mercer. As a priest in Palo Mayombe, Mercer has been able to minister herself. Her spirituality has given her the tools to strengthen her core so she can continue to do her life's work. "I do spiritual cleaning, create medicine using medicinal plants and herbs. I do rituals that connect me with my ancestors," says Mercer. "I am happy!"

Through it all Mercer does not consider herself and expert; she says that tearing herself down and building herself back up is an everyday process. "Just because I choose not to take prescribed medication to deal with my anxiety doesn't mean I don t have challenges. I too deal with anxiousness, isolation and fall in and out of depression but my spirituality keeps me from hitting walls. Instead I now have the tools to keep going," shares Mercer.

However, "our health and wealth cannot be measured in finances alone," says Mercer.

Ocean Ana Rising has been here for six years but they need support. There is a community in need, more stories need to be put out there and they deserve to have financial support to create an operating budget, hire a development person, grant writers and researchers. Mercer cannot do this alone.

"I cannot heal if I am crumbling in on myself" says Mercer as she tells me that we all need people because the most important thing is human touch and love. "The biggest mistake we can do is get so caught up in the work that we lose fun, play and laughter, the moment you lose these then you become unjust with yourself and that is violence."


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