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UN Agency: Women Bow Out of Snarled Justice Systems

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Beneath the super-nova news coverage of Casey Anthony and the Sofitel housekeeper, UN Women this week drew attention to the lower-profile, more widespread problem of women who drop efforts to obtain justice.

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Other suggestions include extending laws to household life to prevent domestic violence, escalating research and awareness of domestic sexual violence, supporting quotas for female representation in politics and courts and implementing laws such as Sweden's non-transferable "daddy months," or paternal leave, that narrowed the pay gap there.

The recommendations work within the framework of the 1979 Convention on Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination Against Women, or CEDAW, and the Millennium Development Goals, global promises made in 2000 to be reached by 2015.

Authors emphasize that governments and communities must be held accountable to the development commitments they have made to girls and women.

But when reporters pressed Bachelet at a July 6 press conference for ways UN Women is pushing countries' accountability, she offered no specifics. "It's not only about meeting with countries," she responded. It's about "encouraging decision-making authority for women. . . We have to work with the judicial system."

Marley Gibbons is an editorial intern for Women's eNews.


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It is a hard fight to have when you have no one willing to stand and fight with you. I have been begging for legal help for two months and have had not a single person or organization step up and say I will help.

Casey Anthony not guilty.I cant help but thinking if she was a father would there be a not guilty verdict.I am a free thinking woman and I find it hard when woman get away with crime or are sentence to have the time as males this is not equality. Why cant we push for fair punishment or the same punishment as men