Poet Explores Effect of a Nation's Sudden Change

Saturday, July 23, 2011

In The Thing about Feathers, Arab-American poet and playwright Nathalie Handal invokes the powerful emotions of those who flee their homelands. An excerpt from her upcoming book "Poet in Andalucia."

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what we don't admit to

never happened.

But I couldn't

change that day in Murcia,

when water brought light

to the door:

I am seven

it is the day before our departure,

the day my father

gives me a notebook,

and I tell him,

this is where I'll keep my country.


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Poet Explores Effect of a Nation's Sudden Change

The Thing about Feathers, from "Poet in Andalucia," forthcoming Spring 2012, University of Pittsburgh Press.

Nathalie Handal is the author of numerous books including, "Love and Strange Horses," winner of the 2011 Gold Medal Independent Publisher Book Award.

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