H.R. 3 Uses Health Reform to Attack Choice

Friday, May 6, 2011

By passing H.R. 3 on Wednesday night, House lawmakers pushed a radical and divisive abortion agenda with little chance of Senate approval. But it shows how health reform politics are being saddled by a heavy major anti-choice agenda.

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Outrage Pouring Forth

Expressions of outrage have been pouring forth.

"This bill is yet another example of the House majority's disregard for the importance of accessible health care for women and the wishes of the citizens of Washington, D.C.," said Michael Keegan, president of People for the American Way. "Rather than address the many complex issues facing our nation, House Republicans are choosing to threaten women's constitutional rights by attacking choice and preventive care, and they are taking every chance they get to force their social priorities on the people of Washington, D.C."

Dr. Douglas Laube, board chair for Physicians for Reproductive Choice and Health, wrote in a press statement that "The House of Representatives showed a reckless disregard for the health of millions of Americans."

The bill is an all-out attack on basic health care for women," said Laura W. Murphy, director of the ACLU Washington Legislative Office, in a statement.

"Among the bill's many failings is its exclusion of insurance coverage for abortion where a woman's health is at risk. A pregnant woman who learns that she has cancer or another serious disease should be able to make the best decision to protect her health. Though we may not all feel the same way about abortion, we can agree that a woman should not be denied insurance coverage for care she needs, especially when her health is threatened," she said.


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I hope the women of the USA all stand together on this to vociferously defend women's right to abortion as a health benefit! Women want safely carried and delivered babies, welcomed into an accepting home ready to raise a child.
When men stop killing other men, women, and children, I will consider that they might not be against women and women's rights when men speak about not approving abortions. Men never have to consider the realities of bearing and being responsible for every minute of an infant's and child's life as we women realize from when we ourselves are only children. We do thoroughy understand the gravity of our decisions about the having and raising of children. Sometimes, abortions are done because NO ONE in the woman's life supports her enough for her to safely raise a child. These men often expect women to give up even education and job to raise a child alone on government assistance, then criticize her for having a child and for being on government assistance. Women must support one another in their real and responsible decisions about when to have and to raise a child.