H.R. 3 Uses Health Reform to Attack Choice

Friday, May 6, 2011

By passing H.R. 3 on Wednesday night, House lawmakers pushed a radical and divisive abortion agenda with little chance of Senate approval. But it shows how health reform politics are being saddled by a heavy major anti-choice agenda.

(WOMENSENEWS)--The No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act approved by the U.S. House on Wednesday night extends a ban on abortion insurance coverage that currently applies to low-income recipients of Medicaid to virtually all U.S. women.

It's doubtful that it will pass the Senate, report various media outlets, so it stands little chance of becoming law.

Its far-reaching provisions, however, provide a stark look at how anti-choice lawmakers are exploiting health reform for this agenda. This bill might not pass, but another effort, at an 11th hour, might.

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Federal rules that bar federal funding for abortion services currently require annual reauthorization. This bill would make them permanent.

But it would go much further than preserving that status quo.

By revoking tax breaks for employers whose insurance plans cover abortion, it would make it very difficult for any employer to choose such a plan--or for insurers to even offer it. Nearly 90 percent of private insurance policies currently cover abortion, so this bill would take the bottom out of health care financing for abortion.

It also would prevent all military-hospital abortion services overseas, even if an enlisted woman wanted to pay for the procedure out of pocket, Ms. Magazine reported earlier this week.

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I hope the women of the USA all stand together on this to vociferously defend women's right to abortion as a health benefit! Women want safely carried and delivered babies, welcomed into an accepting home ready to raise a child.
When men stop killing other men, women, and children, I will consider that they might not be against women and women's rights when men speak about not approving abortions. Men never have to consider the realities of bearing and being responsible for every minute of an infant's and child's life as we women realize from when we ourselves are only children. We do thoroughy understand the gravity of our decisions about the having and raising of children. Sometimes, abortions are done because NO ONE in the woman's life supports her enough for her to safely raise a child. These men often expect women to give up even education and job to raise a child alone on government assistance, then criticize her for having a child and for being on government assistance. Women must support one another in their real and responsible decisions about when to have and to raise a child.