Simple Language Helps Catch a Killer: Preeclampsia

It’s a leading cause of maternal morbidity and mortality worldwide and my research indicates women often can’t identify or describe the condition even if they have it. We’ve developed a low-literacy, low-cost information tool to help.

National Initiative Tackles Rising U.S. Maternal Deaths

It starts with a focus on such preventable killers as obstetric hemorrhage, preeclampsia and blood clot embolisms. “The goal is that every hospital in the country should implement maternity safety bundles; a standard set of best practices,” says a doctor leading the effort.

U.S. Hospitals Hinder Black Women’s Breastfeeding

The recent study finds that maternity centers may be part of the reason behind the country’s racial breastfeeding gap. A film released this week, in honor of Black Breastfeeding Week, is aimed at changing the trend.

New Twitter Storm Is About Public Breastfeeding

When a mother posted a photo of herself nursing at her college graduation on a breastfeeding Facebook page, a flurry of disapproval quickly ignited all over social media. Questions are being raised about how public breastfeeding should be.