Syrian Refugees Fuel Underage Marriage in Jordan

Religious court data show a growing share of Jordanian marriage licenses going to Syrian female minors in the past three years. But the debate in the international aid community is whether early marriage is worsening for Syrian refugee girls or just being exposed by the crisis.

Video: Syrian Woman Recalls Horror of Homs

In this video, a Syrian woman who fled war-torn Homs describes her work washing the corpses of women. Negotiators in Geneva have just agreed to provide a relief corridor for women and children to leave districts that have been besieged since June 2012.

Video: Syrian Refugee Widow Recalls Living with War

Next week the international community holds peace talks for Syria and women from that country are pressing for their voices to be heard. In this video from late last year, a Syrian woman living as a refugee in Jordan shares how she lost her husband and helped the Free Syrian Army.

Syrian Women in Jordan Face Economics of Survival

Prepared by their culture to stay home with the children, single female heads of household are ill-equipped for refugee life in the cities of Jordan. Survival sex, domestic violence and early marriage are all part of the coping effort.

Syrian Mothers Anguished by Children’s War Trauma

In a group therapy session in Jordan, refugee women unload about the difficulties of caring for children afflicted by nightmares, aggressive outbursts and PTSD symptoms. “I have two boys, ages 3 and 5. They are scared of everything,” says one participant.

Syrian Women Exit Jordan in Search of Missing Men

Every day dozens of Syrian female refugees living in Jordan sign up to return home. Some say they can’t make ends meet living abroad. Others want to find male relatives who didn’t make it through the border or were left behind.

Refugee School Girls in Jordan Sing Lyrics of Loss

Jordan’s schools are opening their doors to Syrian refugee children. Yet, thousands of girls stay home; costs of supplies are too high and parents are too wary of the risky, long walks to school. The first of a series on female Syrian refugees.