For Native Women, High Price of Rape Goes Untold

There’s no way to quantify the damage, but tribal leaders estimate it’s in the billions. “It happens every day in every native community; it’s that common,” says Jodi Gillette, former special assistant on Native American Affairs to the White House.

Wage Segregation Robs Women in Peak Earning Years

It could account for 7 percent to 10 percent of the wage gap but there’s so little data it’s hard to know. After 5,000 New York school guards won a big settlement last year the family of one 45-year-old mother of two suddenly had $7,000 more a year.

Babysitters Find Gender Gap at Starting Gate

“I feel rude asking for more money,” says one babysitter here, reflecting on why she might earn less than boys. “Babysitting is just one of those things where it’s harder to ask for more money because you’re not in a ‘professional’ atmosphere.”