Women's eNews Resources


    Afghan Women Leaders Connect
    Identifies, evaluates and supports talented Afghan women with proven success in delivering health, education, job-skills training, and human rights awareness to Afghan women and children. Connecting these leaders to new donors and capacity-builders, Afghan Women Leaders Connect,a special program of Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors, also provides seed grants to seven non-profits.

    California Women's Law Center
    works to ensure, through systemic change, that life opportunities for women and girls are free from unjust social, economic and political constraints.

    Carrie Chapman Catt Center for Women and Politics--Iowa State University
    Provides leadership development and educational opportunities for women and men interested in politics, public policy and administration, and public service through programs blending the resources and scholarship of the academic environment with the actual experiences of individuals in the public and private sectors.

    Center for American Women and Politics--Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, Eagleton Institute of Politics
    A university-based research, education and public service center. Its mission is to promote greater understanding and knowledge about women's participation in politics and government and to enhance women's influence and leadership in public life. Learn more about our program areas.

    Center for Women in Government & Civil Society
    Founded in 1978, the Center for Women in Government & Civil Society is part of the Nelson A. Rockefeller College of Public Affairs and Policy, University at Albany, State University of New York.

    Center for Women Policy Studies
    Our multiethnic and multicultural feminist research, policy analysis and advocacy bring women’s diverse voices to important debates — on women and AIDS, violence against women and girls, welfare reform, access to health care, educational equity, work/family and workplace diversity policies, reproductive rights and health, and much more.

    Chicago Foundation for Women
    Envisions a society in which the voices and potential of women and girls are fully realized. To this end, the Foundation raises and distributes funds to provide opportunities and promote solutions for women and girls.

    The Committee of 200
    In 1982, a handful of the most powerful women in business gathered in Los Angeles and ultimately conceived a larger agenda: to create a national network that would capitalize on the experience of women at the top echelons of business.

    Dallas Women's Foundation
    One of Dallas's most precious resources is endangered, and you can make the difference. That resource is women and girls - their brainpower, contributions to the workforce, role in maintaining the stability of the community - and their boundless potential.

    EMILY's List
    members are dedicated to building a progressive America by electing pro-choice Democratic women to office. We believe in the power of women as candidates, as contributors, as campaign professionals, and as voters to bring about great change in our country.

    GABRIELA Network
    a Philippine-US women's solidarity organization. GABNet provides the means by which Filipinas in the US can empower themselves, functions as training ground for women's leadership, and articulates the women's point of view. GABNet effects change through organizing, educating, fundraising, networking, and advocacy.

    Institute for Research on Women and Gender
    The Institute supports research on women’s changing economic and social roles and organizes educational programs that make such work accessible to the public.

    Institute for Women's Leadership
    A a six-member consortium at Rutgers University that provides leadership training, coaching and consulting to women and men seeking to effect breakthrough change within their organizations.

    Institute for Women's Policy Research (IWPR)
    A public policy research organization dedicated to informing and stimulating the debate on public policy issues of critical importance to women and their families. IWPR focuses on issues of poverty and welfare, employment and earnings, work and family issues, the economic and social aspects of health care and domestic violence, and women's civic and political participation.

    League of Black Women
    Provides access to strategic support for developing and sustaining leadership values and joyful living for Black women. Our goal is to assure that our members emerge within their families, communities, workplaces and various constituencies as exceptional leaders who contribute distinctive, substantial and lasting improvements to the decisions that shape our world.

    League of Women Voters
    The online home of our nation's premier grassroots citizen organization. Whether you're interested in voter information, civic participation, or current public policy issues such as election reform, campaign finance reform and health care, you have come to the right place.

    MOTHERS: Mothers Ought to Have Equal Rights
    is a grassroots, diverse network of mothers, fathers, grandparents and other adults who are family caregivers. We are coming together to promote the economic, social and political worth and importance of family child and dependent care. We are bringing together a coalition of individuals and organizations to improve the economic security of those who do caring work.

    Mothers Movement Online Home
    Resources for mothers and others who think about social change.

    National Women's Political Caucus of California (NWPC-CA)
    A national, grassroots organization dedicated to increasing the number of women in elected and appointed office at all levels of government, regardless of party affiliation.

    National Congress of Black Women
    Formerly The National Political Congress of Black Women, was founded August 2, 1984 in Washington, D.C. when the Honorable C. DeLores Tucker called a group of 35 African American women leaders of diverse groups to organize for greater involvement in the political process.

    ProMom: Promotion of Mother's Milk
    A nonprofit organization dedicated to increasing public awareness and public acceptance of breastfeeding.

    The White House Project
    Works to create a climate in America where it is normal for women to be governors, CEOs and president.

    Women & Politics Institute American University
    Dedicated to advancing the study and discussion of women and politics, promoting opportunities for women in politics, and training young women to become political leaders.

    Women Impacting Public Policy
    A national bi-partisan public policy organization that advocates for and on behalf of women in business.

    Women of Color Policy Network
    Seeks to incorporate the problems, needs, narratives and insights of women of color in the formulation of social, economic and welfare policy.

    An independent, nonpartisan, nonprofit, educational membership organization which promotes global engagement and the leadership, visibility and participation of women in international affairs.

    Women's Debate Institute
    Every debater wants to improve their skills and be the best they can be. Every person wants to make a positive impact on the world. WDI can help you do both.

    Working Families Party
    To forcefully inject the issues of working, middle-class, and poor people -- like jobs, health care, education, and housing -- into the public debate, and hold candidates and elected officials accountable on those issues.

    Women Under Forty Political Action Committee
    A nonpartisan political action committee that supports women under 40 running for state and federal public office. WUFPAC’s mission is to elect women under 40 to public office so that women can achieve an equal voice in shaping public policy. WUFPAC is the only political action committee in the United States devoted to helping young women of all parties run for elected office.

    Women's Link Worldwide
    an international non-governmental organization working to advance women’s rights through the implementation of international human rights law and the use of international tribunals and strategic litigation.

    Women's Voices. Women Vote
    started with one goal in mind: Improving unmarried women's participation in the electorate and policy process.

    WomenVote PA
    is a network of community groups, agencies, nonprofit organizations, and individuals working together to improve the status of women in Pennsylvania.