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Administration for Children and Families (ACF)
Is responsible for Federal programs that promote the economic and social well-being of families, children, individuals, and communities.

Annie E. Casey Foundation (AECF)
The primary mission of the Foundation is to foster public policies, human service reforms, and community supports that more effectively meet the needs of today's vulnerable children and families.

Council on Contemporary Families (CCF)
A nonprofit organization dedicated to enhancing the national conversation about what contemporary families need and how these needs can best be met.

Families and Work Institute
A non-profit center for research that provides data to inform decision-making on the changing workplace, changing family and changing community.

family law courts.com
Family law judges exist to create business. Family Law Courts should not be confused with government, but known simply as the office address of those whose businesses it is to generate more business, including the recent growth spurt of divorce industry occupations.

Gender, Work & Family--American University, Washington College of Law: Family Responsibilities Discrimination
Dedicated to decreasing the economic vulnerability of parents and children by restructuring workplaces around the values people hold in family life. To achieve this goal, the program seeks to change societal, governmental, and workplace norms and practices to better enable parents and other family caregivers to simultaneously pursue economic stability and family care goals.

LIFETIME: Low-Income Families' Empowerment Through Education
Our mission is to empower low-income parents to determine, pursue and achieve their goals for education, employment and economic security. Our goal is to help low-income parents enroll in, continue and successfully complete higher education and training — a long-term investment in poor families with lasting results.

National Association for Family Child Care
A non-profit organization dedicated to promoting quality child care by strengthening the profession of family child care.

National Center for Law and Economic Justice
The National Center for Law and Economic Justice, a nonprofit organization, advances the cause of economic justice for low-income families, individuals, and communities. NCLEJ staff work in partnership with public interest advocates, private law firms, legal services lawyers, and grassroots groups across the country.

National Child Care Information Center--Administration for Children and Families
A project of the Child Care Bureau, is a national resource that links information and people to complement, enhance, and promote the child care delivery system, working to ensure that all children and families have access to high-quality comprehensive services.

National Partnership for Women & Families
A nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that uses public education and advocacy to promote fairness in the workplace, quality health care, and policies that help women and men meet the dual demands of work and family.

Sanctuary for Families
Dedicated to meeting the needs of victims of domestic violence, while advocating for societal change and raising public awareness to end violence against all women and their children. Central to Sanctuary's work with individual clients and its efforts to advocate and educate is the belief that this is a crime that must not be tolerated.

Stop Family Violence
We are a catalyst for social change – empowering people to take action at the local, state and national level to ensure safety, justice, accountability and healing for people whose lives are affected by violent relationships.