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    Ageing & Retirement


    Age Beat Online/The Blog
    A blog for journalists and others interested in aging issues. You also can read recent editions of Age Beat Online, the newsletter of the Journalists Exchange on Aging.

    Alliance for Aging Research
    is the nation's leading non-profit organization dedicated to supporting and accelerating the pace of medical discoveries to vastly improve the universal human experience of aging and health.

    Gray Panthers
    Age and Youth in Action. We are an intergenerational, multi-issue organization working to create a society that puts the needs of people over profit, responsibility over power and democracy over institutions.

    Harvard Generations Policy Program / The Global Generations Policy Institute "Baby Boomer Women: Secure Futures Or Not?"
    A Summer/Fall 2007 collaborative study, edited by Paul Hodge. A "first-of-its-kind" study. With baby boomer women facing unique employment, financial, retirement, housing and health care challenges, this study provides answers on how baby boomer women and women of all ages may experience abundant, secure and fulfilling lives.

    HIV Wisdom for Older Women
    An organization dedicated to prevention and care. Recognizing a need for awareness and support for older women affected by HIV, the group was formed in 2002 to serve this under-represented community, and to educate older women about HIV.

    IWPR Women and Social Security
    As research by IWPR and others shows, the current Social Security program is a mainstay for women. Women are nearly 60 percent of all beneficiaries, including retirees, the disabled, and the survivors of deceased workers. Twenty-seven million women receive Social Security checks every month.

    Our Bodies, Ourselves, "Ourselves, Growing Older"
    The New Ourselves, Growing Older takes a positive, empowering approach to the physical and emotional health and social well-being of midlife and older women by providing frank and complete information on personal health.

    OWL: The Older Women's League
    The only national grassroots membership organization to focus solely on issues unique to women as they age, OWL strives to improve the status and quality of life of midlife and older women. OWL is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that accomplishes its work through research, education, and advocacy activities conducted through a chapter network.

    The Red Hat Society
    We are a social organization where there is fun after fifty (and before) for women of all walks of life.

    Special Committee on Aging
    A continuing study of any and all matters pertaining to problems and opportunities of older people, including, but not limited to, problems and opportunities of maintaining health, of assuring adequate income, of finding employment, of engaging in productive and rewarding activity, of securing proper housing, and, when necessary, of obtaining care or assistance.

    "Still Doing It: The intimate lives of women over 65"
    A new documentary that brings you into a world never seen before directed by Deirdre Fishel

    Woman Sage: Creating New Agenda
    Dedicated to empowering, educating and fostering mentoring relationships among midlife women with a news-based Web site, a quarterly journal, annual conferences, monthly salons and small special interest groups.


    The Transition Network
    The Transition Network helps women move from the career and family stage of life to embrace the next phase as one of growth and renewal. Through networking, we provide support for the individual who seeks a positive, continuing transition, a community where members encourage and assist each other and opportunities to engage in collective action to help society through group volunteer projects. We will serve as a voice for the generations who will pioneer new images of retirement and promote positive aging.

    Women's Institute for a Secure Retirement (WISER)
    An independent nonprofit organization devoted to educating women about retirement issues.