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Cable and Dish System Expand Porn Offerings

Monday, July 17, 2000

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Lusting after the revenue generated by Internet porn, major cable companies have decided to intensify their offerings in the highly competitive smut market, according to the Washington Post National Weekly.

AT&T now intends to begin making available to its 2 million digital cable subscribers the Hot Network, a pay channel that offers much more explicit films than are currently available on most cable. DirecTV Inc., a satellite television subsidiary of General Motors, is also adding the more explicit shows.

The so-called "adult category" now returns to cable companies more than $300 million, but those revenues are expected to double this year with the addition of the raunchier offerings by major companies. The magazine said the cable industry is taking its cues from the Internet, where digital smut is expected to become a $3 billon industry during the next two years.