Make Great Things Happen for Women and Girls in 2014

I wish somehow I could convey to you how much your support means to me personally, to Women's eNews--both the organization and our staff, to women in the U.S.--and to those across the globe.

If only I could meet with every single one of you! To welcome you in our space so that you can see our newsroom at work; to have you attend our weekly editorial meeting and hear story pitches (that may become our newest award-winning reports!); to see our interns writing copy, updating our breaking news alerts, and seeking guidance from editors.

While I am unable to make this a reality, right now I will do my best to give you an idea of the immense impact your kindness and generosity has had this year alone.

Our consistent coverage on the status of maternal health in the U.S. was instrumental in a New York City council hearing on the issue this fall, and $6 million in grants to U.S. maternal health organizations provided by Merck, announced last month.

In 2014 we will be co-producing a community radio show on U.S. maternal health. To date, we have sketched out six programs and have more to go!

Together, you and our team are playing a significant role in the movement to save the lives of young mothers.  


In September, members of our team traveled to Jordan to report on the lives of the female refugees from the Syrian conflict. The team gathered interviews, video, photos and oral histories for our ongoing multimedia special series.

To date, we are the only news organization who has given these women a chance to speak to the world about the myriad of issues they confront in and out of the camps. An example of journalism at its finest.

Together, we are elevating women's voices from the Midwest to the Middle East, from New York to New Delhi.

In 2014 Women's eNews will be begin a two-year reporting project, "The Bias Price," examining the high costs females pay from infancy to the end of our lives. The series will expand the understanding of the economics of gender beyond that of the the wage gap and employment discrimination.

Together, we can be very, very proud.

CHEERS TO YOU, for supporting women and girls around the world.

Rita Henley Jensen

Editor in Chief