"Opening the Way"

Women's History Patch
Requirements, Links & Patch Order Form


There are two ways to earn the "Opening the Way" Patch.

  1. Participate in the "Opening the Way" Women's History Walk. More details about this 90 minute walking tour of the Lower Manhattan stopping at sites of historical importance related to women's history can be found at: www.womensenews.org/openingtheway. A guided tour is $6 per girl and free for adults and can be scheduled by contacting Women's eNews at 212-244-1720 or openingtheway@womensenews.org. You can also download the walking tour guide and go on a self-directed tour for free.
  2. Learn about important women in New York City's history during your troop meetings. Go online as a troop and/or download the information from www.womensenews.org/openingtheway. There are three categories of famous women to study: Seven who Rebelled, Seven who Led Battles, and Seven who Insisted on Better Futures.


Information from the "Opening the Way" Walkand website can be used by girls to complete activities or inspire projects fromthe "It's Your Story: Tell It! Journey as well as the following badges:

Brownie: Celebrating Community, Brownie Girl Scout Way, and My Family Story

Junior: Inside Government, Junior GirlScout Way, and Scribe

Cadette: Finding CommonGround, Cadette Girl Scout Way and Screenwriter

Senior: Behind the Ballot, Senior Girl Scout Way and Novelist

Ambassador: Public Policy, Ambassador Girl Scout Way



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Return the patch order form and payment to:

Girl Scout Council of Greater New York
Program Dept. -- Opening the Way Patch
New York, NY 10010

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