There I was in Sarajevo, nine years after the war officially ended, a stand-up comic who traveled war zones for a decade, holding a brand-new video camera and with the determination to tell the stories of women still living with the repercussions of the worst European war since World War II.



The generosity of two friends got me to Sarajevo to make "Forgotten Voices Women in Bosnia." The kindness of strangers enabled me to navigate once there.


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The first night in Sarajevo I met Alden and Azra.  After hearing about my film, Alden called his friends and asked them to come to the restaurant to meet me. Pretty soon I had more than enough women to interview. In turn, Azra offered to translate for the women who couldn't speak English. (She also let me do laundry at her house when I ran out of underwear.)


There's more. Fatima helped me out when I was pulled over by the police and asked to pay a bribe. Kahle, a doctor in Sarajevo, drove me to the pharmacy when I developed mild asthma from all the cigarette smoke around me. Fahretta invited me to her home for lunch and gave me an oil lamp that still sits on my mantle. Total strangers in a foreign country helped make my dreams come true.



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Next week you will read how it all came together!

Jennifer Rawlings

comic, writer, filmmaker, and a kick-ass mom

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