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Decades After Lebanese War: Wives of the Disappeared Still Look for Answers
The wives of the missing and disappeared in Lebanon continue to suffer serious social, psychological, legal and financial effects on their lives, says a report released on April 20. The 46-page report, “Living with the Shadows of the Past: The Impact of Disappearance on Wives of the Missing in Lebanon,” written by Dr. Christalla Yakinthou, was released by the International Center for Transitional Justice and the Institute for Women’s Studies in the Arab World at Lebanese American University. It reveals that the women continue to search for answers and relief from the government decades after their husbands went missing during the war.

How Republicans Want to Pay for Childcare
The U.S. doesn’t guarantee paid family leave and Senator Kirsten Gillibrand recently sought to address the problem by reintroducing the Family and Medical Insurance Leave Act, which would create a new form of social insurance, The Nation reported on April 14. Workers would pay in a small fraction of their paychecks, and the government would guarantee a portion of their wages for 12 weeks to allow them to stay home with a new child. This is problematic because without the government setting the terms of these programs—telling employers that workers have to be given paid time off, for example, or ensuring there’s an adequate supply of quality childcare—nothing will change.

Women Return to Arizona to Witness Impact of Harsh Enforcement
The five-year anniversary of Arizona’s anti-immigrant law, SB1070, and almost five-year-old We Belong Together campaign was launched with a women’s delegation to Arizona to hear from women facing the devastation of the state’s immigration enforcement machine, will be marked on April 23. Next week women from various organizations will return to Arizona to join women on the frontlines as they march in Phoenix to launch the “ICE Free AZ” campaign to end federal deportation agents’ collaboration with profiling local law enforcement empowered by the section of SB1070 still in effect.


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