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Ireland Keeps Dead Pregnant Women on Life Support Against Family Wish

Ireland is keeping a brain-dead woman hooked up to life support against her family’s wishes because she’s pregnant, Think Progress reported Dec. 18 quoting the Irish Independent. The woman who was declared clinically brain dead after suffering head trauma and a blood clot is 16-week pregnant. So far, the doctors have refused to take the woman off life support because they’re worried that might violate the country’s harsh abortion ban. The woman’s parents are now considering a legal challenge to the decision not to allow the life support machine to be turned off. The case is expected to end up in court where the State would have to get involved to represent the unborn child.


PP Backed Spending Bill With Anti-Abortion Measures by Fear of GOP 

The massive government spending bill President Barack Obama signed on Dec. 16 contains provisions that bar federal funding for most abortions, forbid federal and local funding for abortions in the District of Columbia, and deny abortion funds for federal prisoners, Mother Jones reported Dec. 19. Yet, Planned Parenthood supported the legislation. According to Mother Jones, it is because this spending bill doesn't contain any new restrictions on abortion, and Planned Parenthood feared that if this bill was defeated, the new Republican-dominated Congress that takes office next month would pass its own spending measure—complete with harsh new limits on abortion rights.


British Army Considers Allowing Women in Combat Roles

The UK defence secretary, Michael Fallon, has announced he wants to end the army’s ban on women serving in frontline infantry roles, The Guardian reported Dec. 19.  A final decision on the move is subject to research into the long-term impact on women of infantry training, but Fallon said he hoped the ban would be lifted “over the next year or so.” He, however, denied that training regimes would be made less tough.


Mozambique Legalizes Abortion to Curb Maternal Deaths

Mozambique has legalised abortion, making it one of the few countries in Africa to allow women to terminate unwanted pregnancies, the Agence France Presse reported Dec. 19. The new law specifies that abortions will have to be carried out in recognised and designated health centres by qualified practitioners. The new law specifies termination must be carried out within the first 12 weeks but in case of rape, the period is extended to 16 weeks. Unsafe abortion accounts for 11 percent of maternal deaths in Mozambique, according to health watchdogs.


Woman in Spain Arrested for Recruiting for ISIS

Francis Carolina Peña Orellana was arrested in Spain on suspicion of being a member of the Islamic State terrorist group whose main responsibility was to convince young women to convert to Islam and become life partners of ISIS fighters, The Daily News reported Dec.17. Orellana and the six others were arrested— two in Morocco — as part of a police investigation into those believed to be recruiting members for the Islamic State.

Boko Haram Carry Out Another Mass Kidnapping in Nigeria 

At least 100 women and children were reportedly kidnapped and 35 people killed when Boko Haram extremists plundered a remote village in north-east Nigeria, The Guardian reported Dec.18. There are conflicting reports about the date of the attack. Two witnesses said it occurred on Dec.12, while other reports said it took place on Dec.14.


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