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Senate Republicans Threaten to Restrict Funding to Planned Parenthood
The Center for Medical Progress, an anti-abortion group targeting Planned Parenthood released another video featuring a woman who says she worked in a clinic procuring tissue from aborted fetuses, CNN reported July 29. Senate Republicans said they would schedule a vote on a bill that would restrict federal funding to the organization.
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New Video Released in Sandra Bland Investigation
A Texas judge released more footage of Sandra Bland, who died in a county jail three days after being pulled over by police for a traffic violation, ABC 13 reported July 28.  The video comprises thee days of footage - capturing various rooms in the Waller County Jail - including the booking desk, the intake room, and the hallway leading to Bland’s cell.  Waller County Judge, Trey Duhon says the video shows that Bland was "alive and well" when she was placed in detention. 
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NFL Hires First Female Coach                                                                                               
The NFL announced that the Arizona Cardinals are making a move to hire what appears to be the league’s first female coach, the Washington Post reported July 28.
Jen Welter will serve as a training-camp/preseason intern coaching inside linebackers. The 37-year-old Florida native is expected to move into a permanent job, then to a coordinator’s position and, eventually, into a head coaching spot.
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Boys Scouts of America Will Accept Openly Gay Leaders, Reactions Vary
The Boy Scouts of America ended its ban on openly gay adult leaders, The New York Times reported on July 28. The decision, even with this compromise, has been met with mixed reactions. The Mormon Church said it might leave the organization. Other conservative sponsors, including the Roman Catholic Church, may follow suit.  Some conservative evangelical churches ended ties with the Boy Scouts after the 2013 decision to admit openly gay youths. 
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