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Obama's Immigration Overhaul Applauded by Immigrants 
President Obama's  Nov. 20 executive order to overhaul immigration is celebratd and supported by immigrants around the country. The order will prevent the deportation of millions of immigrants and outlines an easier path to American legal working status. Four million people will be eligible for a new legal status that defers deportations and lets them legally work, as long as they pass background checks and pay taxes. Another million will be protected in other ways within the plan. The many immigrant members of 1199SEIU Healthcare Workers East, the largest U.S. healthcare union, say the president's actions are a step towards keeping families together and strengthening the economy. They have vowed to continue the fight and support Obama's choice to legislate on behalf of immigrants. The National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health also commended Obama's decision and said the next step was to lift bans on health coverage for immigrants, particularly Latina women. By allowing immigrants a chance to avoid deportation and work legally, many say that the economy will benefit and families can stay together in a more economically secure environment.
Violence Against Women an 'Epidemic', New Global Study Says
Violence against women is a worldwide epidemic according to a five-part series of studies in the medical journal The Lancet, Time reported Nov. 21. Though awareness of the violence is growing, countries must make policy and financial changes to make a real difference. The series, called "Violence Against Women and Girls", details worldwide statistics that illuminate the hardships of women around the world. 100-140 million women have undergone female genital mutilation and an estimated 30% of women have experienced partner violence. The series aims to bring attention to these issues and declare that inreased global attention and awareness alone isn't enough to make real change. 
Women Break the Silence on Abortion for the 1 in 3 Campaign.
Women who have had abortions are sharing their stories to support the 1 in 3 Campaign to end the silence on abortion, The Daily Beast reported Nov. 20. One in three women has had an abortion in the United States and the 1 in 3 Campaign aims to end the shaming and silencing of women who make the decision. The first to share her story was Lizz Winstead, co-creator of the Daily show and a women's rights advocates. Following her lead, women came out with their personal stories in a speakout event on Nov. 20 and on the campaign's site.
Walmart Employees Strike Against Hunger Issues Before Black Friday
Walmart worker across Ohio are on strike to protest wages so low that many can't feed their families, according to a new report. The severe hunger issues are another sign of questionable management at Walmart and poor treatment of its lower-level employees. Most workers are paid under $9 an hour, a wage that the report says is worsening the hunger crisis in America. The workers are calling for increased wages to $15 an hour and the strike is a prelude to nationwide planned strikes on Black Friday next week.
Top Women Face Depression More Often, Study Finds
Women with the ability to hire, fire and influence pay seem more prone to depression symptoms, NBC News reported Nov.20. Women in authority positions are evaluated more stringently compared to women without job authority and male co-workers. Higher-status women are often exposed to overt and subtle gender discrimination and harassment. This contributes to chronic stress,” said Tetyana Pudrovska, lead author and an assistant sociology professor University of Texas. Researchers drew their conclusions from a longitudinal study of 1,300 men and 1,500 women in Wisconsin who were surveyed repeatedly between 1957 and 2004
Anti-Barbie, With Acne and Stretch Marks, Debuts 
An "average-looking" doll, complete with acne and stretch marks, has gone on sale after a successful crowdfunding campaign, The Daily Mail reported Nov. 20. The doll's proportions are based on CDC data, according to Artist Nickolay Lamm, 26, from Pittsburgh, Pa. "I think a realistic sized doll is important because, when I look at current dolls on the market, I can’t help but notice how disproportionate they are," Lamm said during an interview with Saloon.Com .
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Hounduras Beauty Queen Maria Jose Alvarado Found Dead

The 19-year-old beauty queen went missing and authorities in the Central American country confirmed her death and that of her sister, Sofia Trinidad, 23, The NY Daily News reported Nov.19. Two men have been arrested, and one of them has reportedly confessed to killing and burying the women.
NBC Joins Netflix in Canceling Bill Cosby Pilot
As another rape allegation besets Bill Cosby, NBC and Netflix have set aside projects with the 77-year-old comedian, the New York Times reported Nov. 19. In an essay on Hollywood Elsewhere, Joan Tarshis, former actress, music industry publicist and journalist, wrote that the comedian drugged and raped her on two occasions in the fall of 1969 when she was 19 years old. The latest accuser to come forward was former supermodel Janice Dickinson who told  "Entertainment Tonight," that the comedian raped her in 1982, CNN reported Nov.19. "The last thing I remember was Bill Cosby in a patchwork robe, dropping his robe and getting on top of me. And I remember a lot of pain," she said. In 2004, Constand had accused Cosby of drugging and sexually assaulting her. The case was settled in 2006 for an undisclosed sum, the Daily Mail reported Nov. 17. Cosby has repeatedly denied the allegations. 
Indonesia Subject Police Recruits to Virginity Tests ‬
Women in Indonesia are required to complete an “obstetrics and gynecology” exam as part of the recruitment process to enter the police force, The Independent reported Nov. 19. Indonesia’s National Police jobs website states that in addition to medical and physical tests, women hoping to become policewomen must also undergo virginity tests. 
Woman Dies of Bird Flu in Egypt
Women dies south of Cairo, the second death from the disease in two days and the third this year in the country, Aljazeera reported Nov.18. Egypt has reported seven bird flu cases so far in 2014. Most victims have been women and children who are traditionally tasked with caring for domestic poultry, AP reported Nov.17.
Scotland's 1st Woman in First Minister Post Vows Gender Equality
The newly elected first minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon, has pledged to deliver greater opportunities for women, BBC reported Nov. 19.  Sturgeon, the first female to hold the post, also vowed to tackle low pay and improve childcare
ISIS's Last American Hostage: A 26-Year-Old Woman
A 26-year-old woman is ISIS's last American hostage, The Daily Beast reported Nov. 17. Her family asked that her name not be made public to prevent further jeapordy to her life. The woman was working to help refugees of the Syrian civil war, particularly children, when she was taken with a group of workers in August 2013. The other workers were reportedly released. Most recently, ISIS murdered Peter Kassig, also a 26-year-old American who worked to aid Syrian refugees. Unlike Kassig, the woman was not featured at the end of ISIS's latest video; the hostage featured is usually the next victim. ISIS has reportedly demanded over $6 million for the woman's release but the American government refuses to negotiate with the militants or pay ransom.
Child Care and Development Grant Bill Flies Through Senate
The Senate overwhelmingly voted to approve a reauthorization bill for the Child Care and Development Block Grant, EdCentral reported Nov. 17. The grant program provides billions in aid and federal subsidies to low-income families to help them pay for child care and has been due for reauthorization since 1996. Its approval could mean big changes in policies that help child care providers serve low-income children across the country.
100 Arrests in Kenya After Second Woman Forcibly Stripped
About 100 people were arrested in Nairobi, Kenya after a second woman was forcibly stripped of her clothing for "dressing indecently", BBC News reported Nov. 18. The woman's clothes were torn off and she was paraded along a road. Around 200 people rallied in Nairobi to protest the violent treatment of women for what they choose to wear. The Nairobi police carried out a mass arrest to catch  those responsible, a common method when the police force is under public pressure.
Ferguson Corrections Officer Accused of Raping a Woman in a City Jail 
A Ferguson corrections officer was accused of brutally raping a woman in a city jail last year, New York Daily News reported Nov. 17. The accusation comes amid widespread distrust for law enforcement and troubling incidents involving police in the Missouri town. The corrections officer, Jaris Hayden, was hit with four felonies following his arrest last week, including one filed by a now pregnant woman identified as "J.W." 
Time Magazine Takes Flak for Calling 'Feminist' a Bad Word
As part of the backlash against Time Magazine for placing "feminist" on its latest list of "worst words," the Feminist Majority is petitioning Managing Editor Nancy Gibbs to remove the word from the poll, published in early November. "If TIME is annoyed with a word that represents saving women's lives, fighting for equality, and ending violence against women, then there's something wrong with TIME - and not with the word 'feminist,' " the petition reads.
Woman Wins a Hot Rod World Championship 
Erica Enders-Stevens won the Auto Club National Hot Rod Association Finals on Sunday to become the first woman to earn the Pro Stock world championship title, the Associated Press reported Nov. 16. She is the third woman to win an NHRA world championship, joining three-time Top Fuel champion Shirley Muldowney and three-time Pro Stock Motorcycle champ Angelle Sampey.
Circuit Court Says Nonprofits Must Cover Birth Control 
In the first Circuit Court decision since Hobby Lobby, a unanimous panel of the D.C. Circuit said [PDF] that non-profit organizations that object to providing birth control don’t get out of complying with the birth control coverage requirement of the federal health care law, the National Women's Law Center reported Nov. 14. 
White House Spotlights Highs, Lows for Women & Girls of Color 
The November report from the White House Council on Girls and Women spotlights leaps by women and girls of color in recent years but also calls attention to major lagging areas, such as persistently higher rates of poverty, school suspension and teen pregnancy. The council offers a number of recommendations, including better access to capital and enforcing equal-pay laws. 
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