August 22, 2014

‘Seat at Table’ Video: Sisters, Moms Key Role Models

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Dara Swan

Credit: Charlotte Cooper

Dara Swan, a teen leader at YWCA-NYC, prepares for this video conversation with Zerlina Maxwell.

(WOMENSENEWS)-- Learning to be outspoken can be difficult for all women and girls. Political commentator and activist Zerlina Maxwell says she learned how to be assertive from her mother.

"If [my mom] is experiencing micro aggressions and I'm 8 and I'm watching how she responds to it, that's a lesson that has informed my public persona," Maxwell told Dara Swan, a teen leader at YWCA-NYC. "Life is too short to be silent."

This video conversation explores the importance of speaking up for oneself and being a role model for other women. It's the third installment of "A Seat at the Table," an occasional Teen Voices series that brings together female leaders from the teen-adult worlds.

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