May 19, 2014

She Pays the Bias Price: From Girlhood to Final Years

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Mother and daughter


Credit: MTSOfan on Flickr, under Creative Commons

Gender bias. That is a central part of Women's eNews' coverage. In this series, She Pays the Bias Price: From Girlhood to Final Years, for the first time our news organization will weave together the stories of bias over our lifetimes and the economic cost of this bias to women and girls.

The series examines this price of gender bias over a life span, showing clearly that gender stereotyping, violence, wage and employment bias work together to impinge on economic opportunities of U.S. women and girls.

The national discussion on income inequality between women and men is focused almost exclusively on the income of college graduates and mid-career professionals or the price women pay for leaving jobs to care for children. Also, the economic consequences of gender and racial bias experienced by women of color are rarely included in the current national dialogue on economic gender equity. The economic realities of older women, especially those of color, are virtually ignored as well.

In this series, Women's eNews undertakes a novel journalistic endeavor. We take a much broader view of the price women pay for the bias that permeates throughout our lives as we interact with schools, other institutions, employers and the government, connecting such issues as violence against girls to the structure of Social Security benefits.

During the two years we will be producing the 12 stories in this series, the Women's eNews team will work to quantify these costs and turn to experts to assist in that process, as well as determine whether the necessary analysis, research or data gathering has not been undertaken.

She Pays the Bias Price: From Girlhood to Final Year is supported by the Ford Foundation.

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