February 22, 2011

Arab Women in Revolution: Reports from the Ground

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egyptian women celebratingFrom uprisings that overthrew colonial powers to modern revolutions waged on the streets and online, women in the Middle East have been at the frontlines of the region's every decisive moment.

And yet they are often left to the footnotes of history books and in the margins of media stories.

Women's eNews makes them the focus.

Inspired by women's ongoing vital role in uprisings and transitions from Tunisia to Egypt to Morocco, Women's eNews provides in-depth coverage of the issues central to women as stakeholders of society, politics and the economy in this period of transition and--at times--tumult.

Political and economic participation, access to health and education, non-discriminatory family and citizenship laws, protection against gender-based violence, freedom of expression, room for religious views that run the gamut of the secular to strict practice, safety from state violence and arbitrary detentions. The list of issues is long, but we know the women working to resolve them are strong.

Women's eNews, alerted by a special United Nations report in 2002 and our own Web traffic reports, launched Arabic Women's eNews in 2003. Women's eNews' deep commitment and relationship to the women of the region will continue to be reflected in the news coverage.

We invite analysis and commentary from our English and Arabic readers at: awenews@womensenews.org.

This is your moment. We just amplify your voices.

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