Ellen Pao’s Trial Stood for Many Earning Far Less

(WOMENSENEWS)– In the case of Ellen Pao vs. her venture capital firm employer, the jury has ruled against her. Still, San Francisco was riveted by the testimony in her gender discrimination and retaliation case against Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Byers. And despite the outcome, Pao exposed male bias in the venture capital sector, where a recent study found that in 2013 women made up only 6 percent of partner positions, a steep decline from 1999. Whether one believes Pao or her employer, by coming forward and telling her story of inappropriate gender-based workplace conduct, Pao spotlights the issue of persistent sex discrimination in the workplace more than 50 years after federal civil rights laws prohibited such conduct.

Tyler Lloyd (left) and Taylor Parnell have found both exercise and stress relief through weight training and boxing, part of Spelman College's "Wellness Revolution."

Wellness Revolution at Spelman Recruits All

The historically black college for women decided it was time to do something major to redraw its student body’s alarming health profile: “We’ve been greeting incoming freshmen students who were pre-hypertensive, overweight, obese,” says its health services director.

woman holding money

Wage Segregation Robs Women in Peak Earning Years

It could account for 7 percent to 10 percent of the wage gap but there’s so little data it’s hard to know. After 5,000 New York school guards won a big settlement last year the family of one 45-year-old mother of two suddenly had $7,000 more a year.


More Female Officers Defuse Violent Policing Style

Women on a police force are less likely than male coworkers to use excessive and deadly force, studies show, relying more on interpersonal skills. If policymakers knew the data, says one advocate, they’d “go on a hiring spree and hire more women.”