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Hidden Divorce Penalty Is Older Age Poverty

Divorced women who deferred their education to put husbands through school or moved multiple times to enable their husbands to move up the career ladder are at special risk. So are those who gave up jobs to raise children.


At 50, Life for These Women Still Adventurous

In this excerpt from “Fifty Over Fifty: Wise and Wild Women Creating Wonderful Lives (And You Can Too!)” the author urges readers to prepare for rising longevity by reading about women such as our own founder, Rita Henley Jensen.


Medicare Defenders Ready for a Paul Ryan Rematch

As Congress resumes today, advocates for older women are girding for another round of health care battles. One group has re-released its 2011 “Granny Off the Cliff” video showing the GOP budget leader pushing an older woman over the edge of survival.


‘Family Care’ Benefit Could Fix Retiree Pay Gap

Family caregivers who step out of their jobs would get Social Security credits. So would widows and older workers in low-wage occupations. But safety-net advocates say this sweeping Social Security reform effort is ahead of its time.


Report: 60% of Older Women Can’t Afford Basics

The annual income of the typical older woman was $14,000 in 2010, compared with the older man’s $24,300, finds a March 29 report from Wider Opportunities for Women. More elderly women live alone, which contributes to their financial insecurity.