Syrian Women Exit Jordan in Search of Missing Men

Every day dozens of Syrian female refugees living in Jordan sign up to return home. Some say they can’t make ends meet living abroad. Others want to find male relatives who didn’t make it through the border or were left behind.


Indian Tribal Women Rush to a Champion’s Defense

Tribal women in India are mobilizing behind a leading maternal-health advocate. Supporters say the case against Madhuri Krishnaswamy was concocted to stop her from flagging rights violations that led to 25 maternal deaths in nine months in one impoverished district.


1 Murder, Plus 2 Mum Suspects Equals a Walk

Criminals often use a trick called cross-finger pointing resulting in many long-term unsolved cases of missing women and girls, including the disappearance of 6-year-old JonBenet Ramsey in Colorado, says Wendy Murphy in this excerpt from the new edition of “And Justice For Some.”