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N.Y. Women's Equality Party to Appear on Ballot

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

With over 100,000 signatures collected, the party, created to back candidates who support women's rights, will now be voted on during the midterm elections.

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Former New York Congresswoman Kathy Hochul speaks at the Aug. 19 rally. 

Credit: Nicole Deniflee

NEW YORK (WOMENSENEWS)-- The Women's Equality Party has gathered enough signatures to get on the November ballot for a vote, former City Council Speaker Christine Quinn announced at a rally here at City Hall on Aug. 19.

The party, which will back both female and male candidates who support women's rights, collected over 100,000 signatures, said Quinn. It needed 15,000 signatures to get on the ballot.
The Women's Equality Party now needs 50,000 votes during the midterm elections in order to be officially recognized, Quinn added.
New York's fusion voting system allows candidates to appear on several party lines so that they can support a particular issue. The Women's Equality Party is meant to allow people from both political parties to support women's issues without having to cross party lines, said Assemblywoman Deborah Glick, who was present at the rally.
It grew out of a desire by Democrats to push a 10-plank package of women's bills Gov. Andrew Cuomo unveiled in 2013, Capital reported.
"If you came from the congressional district that I represented--the most Republican in the state--there are a lot of women who are registered Republicans who do believe in women's right to choose. This gives them an opportunity to cast their vote in a statement of these priorities," said former Congresswoman and Lt. Gov. candidate Kathy Hochul, who was also at the rally.
"I'm so grateful to the advocates that stepped up to get 100,000 signatures. If that's not a testament of where this state is going, I don't know what is," Hochul said.
Nicole Deniflee is an editorial intern for Women's eNews and a student at Rutgers University and Douglass Residential College. Follow her on Twitter: @nicole_deniflee.
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