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Elizabeth Warren Raises $7 Million in First Quarter

Thursday, April 19, 2012

The political campaigns in the first quarter were focused on fundraising and the sums raised by women running for Senate aren’t shabby, according to data posted by Roll Call.

(WOMENSENEWS)— Congressional candidates’ fundraising totals for the first quarter find women in high-profile Senate races with fairly full coffers, according to Roll Call.

In Massachusetts, which is expected to be the most expensive congressional race this year, Elizabeth Warren (D) -- who built a consumer financial protection bureau in Washington -- raised nearly $7 million. Her opponent, incumbent Sen. Scott Brown, raised about $3.4 million, but he has more cash on hand -- $15 million -- compared to Warren’s $11 million. 
Missouri’s Sen. Claire McCaskill, a Democrat viewed as vulnerable in the swing state, raised about $2.3 million. One of her opponents, John Brunner (R) raised $1,375,000. Another Republican, Todd Akin, only pulled in about $400,000, but his campaign already has almost $1.5 million. A Republican woman in the race, Sarah Steelman, only managed to pull in $85,000. In February she polled in a dead heat with all three of them, reported the Huffington Post March 9; yet according to Public Policy Polling, her campaign has been buoyed by the weaknesses of her challengers.
In Michigan, incumbent Sen. Debbie Stabenow raised over $1.5 million while Pete Hoekstra, her Republican challenger, raised $700,000. Hoekstra has drawn widespread criticism for what many have called a racist advertisement.
In Hawaii, Mazie Hirono (D) raised about $1 million while her opponent Linda Lingle (R) raised about $1.35 million.
In Wisconsin, Tammy Baldwin (D), who could become the first openly gay U.S. senator, raised about $2 million; opponent Eric Hovde (R) is close behind, with about $1.9 million. Baldwin has about $2.8 million on hand, however, significantly more than Hovde’s $1.6 million.
In Nevada, Shelley Berkley (D) took in about $1.4 million; opponent Dean Heller (R) raised about $1 million.
In New Mexico, Heather Wilson (R) raised $759,000; lead Democrat in the race, Martin Heinrich, raised almost half a million dollars, though the two have about the same amount of cash on hand overall. 
In North Dakota, Heidi Heitkamp (D) raised $712,000, while Republican Rick Berg raised $943,000. His campaign has twice as much cash on hand. 
Samantha Kimmey is a writer in Brooklyn, NY.
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