At 50, Life for These Women Still Adventurous

In this excerpt from “Fifty Over Fifty: Wise and Wild Women Creating Wonderful Lives (And You Can Too!)” the author urges readers to prepare for rising longevity by reading about women such as our own founder, Rita Henley Jensen.


Medicare Defenders Ready for a Paul Ryan Rematch

As Congress resumes today, advocates for older women are girding for another round of health care battles. One group has re-released its 2011 “Granny Off the Cliff” video showing the GOP budget leader pushing an older woman over the edge of survival.


Grandmothers Around World Champion Change

From India to Canada to Argentina, grandmothers are fighting for political, economic and social change, says Paola Gianturco in the book “Grandmother Power.” In this excerpt, she describes how they’ve pushed for rights and why grandmothers globally campaign for change.