Rebuttal: Biden Was Right About More Rape Policing

Friday, November 25, 2011

When Vice President Joe Biden recently argued that more police will help prevent rapes he said nothing amiss. And a change to the FBI's definition of rape is hardly trivial. For one thing, if affects the allocation of federal money.

(WOMENSENEWS)-- I beg to disagree with Wendy Murphy's analysis that more cops won't make a difference in rape arrests and prosecutions or that changing the FBI's definition of rape will have little impact.

The Women's Law Project has testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee on the chronic and systemic failure of police in many major cities to adequately investigate sex crimes.

We have also testified about the inadequacies of the FBI's Uniform Crime Report's outdated definition of rape because it does not reflect states' criminal codes, which categorize as felonies those sexual assaults that people view as rape, and misleads the public about the number of felonious sex crimes handled by police. The Uniform Crime Report is also used to allocate federal dollars. The understatement of the statistics has huge public safety and financial implications.

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We began the campaign to change the definition of rape over 10 years ago on behalf of 90 organizations, including state-based sexual assault coalitions. The campaign was bolstered this year when Ms. Magazine and Feminist Majority orchestrated an initiative that resulted in over 140,000 emails to the FBI pushing for a change in the definition.

The campaign is not over. Further impetus was given when Susan Carbon, director of the Department of Justice's Office of Violence Against Women, testified in support of needed change before two advisory bodies to the FBI, composed of local police chiefs and other high-ranking law enforcement officials. These bodies supported the recommendation.

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Note to Biden: Cops Aren't Answer to Rape

You make some good arguments, but they address neither Ms. Murphy's points nor VP Bidens points.
VP Biden was being his normal self. He was defending a package that would hire thousands of police officers. His thoughts were no deeper than putting thousands of police officers on the street, and therefore prevent rapes. He's wrong.
Ms. Murphy makes this point... when was the last time a police officer prevented a rape in progress? They don't. He would have you believe that they do.
I think you're article should have targeted the the admistration gaffe artist. But... then you woud not have had your forum to expound on points that addressed neither Murphy nor Biden, but rather,your own agenda.

This is an important article on a very serious problem with the justice system, beginning with policing and ending with the courts. All need more emphasis upon ensuring justice for women who have been raped; that is to punish the rapists and to support the women who have been raped.