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Part: 5

Teen Voices Kicks Off 'Seat at Table' Videos

Friday, May 9, 2014

In this inaugural video, Dara Swan, 15, talks about the challenge of emulating strong celebrity role models such as pop star Beyonce. "I don't want to be the angry black girl at school," she says.

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Seat at the Table, Dara and Zerlina
Zerlina Maxwell and Dara Swan prepare for A Seat at the Table.


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(WOMENSENEWS)-- Political analyst, writer and media commentator Zerlina Maxwell talks with Dara Swan, a teen YWCA-NYC steering committee member, in this first installment of "A Seat at the Table."

This Teen Voices video series will eavesdrop on such teen-adult talking points as feminism, popular culture and ambition.

Here Dara digs into the difficulties, in high school, of trying to emulate a strong female role model such as superstar Beyonce. "I don't want to be the angry black girl at school," Dara tells Maxwell. "I don't want to say anything too loudly about anything really." Dara, 15, is helping organize the YWCA-NYC's "Potential to Power" Girl Symposium on June 2.

More A Seat at the Table segments with Dara and Maxwell will be coming soon.

Teen leaders interested in participating in A Seat at the Table should contact Teen Voices Managing Editor Katina Paron at katina@womensenews.org.

This story is part of Teen Voices at Women's eNews. In 2013 Women's eNews retained the 25-year-old magazine Teen Voices to continue and further its mission to improve the world for female teens through media. Teen Voices at Women's eNews provides online stories and commentary about issues directly affecting female teens around the world, serving as an outlet for young women to share their experiences and views.


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