Women and Worship

Women and Worship: Expanding Sacred Spaces PART 8

Leaders Lift Spirit in Orthodox Women's Section

Friday, July 13, 2007

Orthodox Jewish women are leading a culture shift inside synagogues. One religious mentor, for instance, says the women's section is singing more loudly now that she's found a place at the lecture...


Women and Worship: Expanding Sacred Spaces

Friday, July 6, 2007

Women's eNews has published a new series on the way that women are changing their religious institutions and practices.

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(WOMENSENEWS)--Meaningful stories about religious practices and trends can be hard to spot among the nation's news pages, much less stories about women and how they influence the religious realm.

Women's eNews first partnered with The Sister Fund two years ago to address the dearth of coverage in a series of stories that looked at how women were demanding their place at the altar and changing from within. Our new series also probes change and how religious women are lifting the veil on institutional practices. Through their work, women are carving out new and expanded roles in the church, synagogue, temple and mosque and are laying down new foundations for worship.





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