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Healthy Births, Healthy Moms: Black Maternal Health in America PART 16

U.S. Maternal Death Data Held Up by Nine States

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The data for U.S. childbirth deaths has not been published since 2007 due to states' failure to revise their death certificates. Better reporting is needed to stop the "hidden tragedy of maternal deaths" says an executive with the March of Dimes.


Healthy Births, Healthy Moms: Black Maternal Health in America

Saturday, August 31, 2013

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black maternal healthAfrican American families experience the death of a new mother three to four times more often than white families. Public health experts estimate that half of these deaths are avoidable and the ratio has not changed since the 1940s. At the same time, African American mothers' rates of breastfeeding remain relatively low, a missed opportunity to improve the health of mothers and infants. This series explores how the health system influences what is termed "health disparities."

The daily experience of racism in the United States, and its ramifications, are central to each story in the Healthy Births, Health Moms series. For more than five years we have reported on the systemic racism in the care of pregnant African American women; revealing the stories and the data that indicate specific ways that the U.S. health care system fails to provide the evidence-based care, including preventive care, that would improve birth outcomes and support breastfeeding for black women across America.

Through reporting and writing by Women's eNews' team, we have uncovered the central fact that extremely little research is available that would explain the disparities, although pre-existing conditions, income, education and type of