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More Women in Workforce but Not in Highest Paying Jobs
While the number of women in the workforce has increased in the past decade, they haven’t made strides in male-dominated fields that typically offer higher pay, Yahoo News reported March 26. A report by Career Builder finds that in 2014, 49 percent of jobs were held by women compared to 48 percent in 2001, representing an additional 4.9 million workers. The number of men in the workforce increased by just 2.2 million, but they gained a greater share of employment in 72 percent of all occupations. Despite their gains in the overall workforce, women have lost employment share in 48 of the 50 highest paying jobs, including surgeons, chief executives, lawyers, and software developers.

Egyptian Woman Lives as Man for 42 Years to Survive
Sisa Abu Daooh has been living as a man for the past 42 years after her husband passed away in Egypt, The New York Times reported March 25. Abu Daooh has worked for more than 30 years among the shoeshine men of Luxor. She sits with men in coffee shops, prays with them in the local mosque and dresses just as they do in pants or a traditional floor-length tunic known as a galabeya. Abu Daooh’s announcement was greeted not with condemnation but with curiosity and a flurry of mostly positive reactions from local news media and officials. Last week, Egypt’s president, Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, personally gave her an award for being an extraordinary mother. Abu Daooh, 64, said she began dressing as a man as a practical matter, to escape restrictions on women’s employment in a patriarchal culture and earn enough to support her daughter, Hoda.

Arizona Lawmakers Pass Controversial Abortion Bill
Arizona lawmakers passed March 25 a controversial measure blocking women from buying insurance that includes abortion coverage through the federal health care exchange, Reuters reported. The fiercely-debated bill also requires doctors to tell women they could possibly reverse the effects of a drug-induced abortion, a claim that critics called "junk science." The bill now goes to Arizona Republican Governor Doug Ducey, who has not indicated whether he will sign or veto it. He has said he is opposed to abortion.

Ohio House Oks 6-Week Abortion Ban Bill
The Ohio House approved March 25 legislation to ban abortion once the fetus' hearbeat can be detected which means as early as six weeks of pregnancy and, in some cases, before a woman knows she is pregnant. The bill has yet to be cleared by the Senate, reported.

SCOTUS Rules in Favor of Pregnant Worker in UPS Case
The United States Supreme Court has sent the pregnancy discrimination case of Peggy Young against the delivery company UPS back to a lower court, CNN reported March 25. The ruling is a victory for Young, a former driver for the company who claimed the package company violated her rights under the Pregnancy Discrimination Act (PDA) and now will have a chance to prove her case in court. Women’s rights groups praised the decision as a major victory for pregnant workers nationwide.

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